Foundation Repair


Over time, the foundation of a house will settle into the ground. Frost, combined with hydro-static pressure can lead to a displacement in your walls, forming a crack in your foundation. This can also happen to a newer home, depending on the land it was built upon, how it was backfilled and with what materials, even how well the concrete was mixed and formed on poured and block foundations for any number of reasons. Water will find its way into your home , and Above and Beyond is here to ensure it won't happen again.




Our Yardworks department will specialize in the area of landscaping and landscape design. Spring and fall clean up, plantings, tree removal, patios, walk-ways, retaining walls, proper grading and more!

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Professional Services 

Foundation repair, crack injection, interior or exterior waterproofing, including grading and french drains, sump pumps, window-wells and foundation parging.


Landscaping and plantings: trees, shrubs and flowers.

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